The SS 2013 Collection Ensight was born of a reinterpretation of motifs well known by all Portuguese – The “Lenços dos Namorados” (Sweetheart’s Handkerchiefs) - feelings of young ladies in love, who expressed in colorful scarves their passion color. 

The origin of Sweetheart’s Handkerchiefs dates back to the XVII-XVIII centuries, when they were associated with female costume. Later they were adapted by the people's women that turned it into an object of conquest, addressed to their lovers.

The young in love used her knowledge about Cross Stitch embroidery, acquired in childhood. After being embroidered, the scarf was delivered to the "boyfriend". The beginning of a love affair depended on the attitude of the young boy, in showing the handkerchief or not, 

The Sweetheart’s Handkerchiefs symbolize dedication and love. Feelings that Enamorata recreates in each piece: a romantic imagery, full of uniqueness and identity.

The Sweetheart’s handkerchiefs are handcrafts made with care and love. Generations with wisdom and that is our history and memory. It serves as inspiration to our daily work.

For more information about Sweetheart's Handkerchiefs, visit the website of Aliança Artesanal.