Who we are

Enamorata is a company branded by Enamorata® which creates swimwear collections for women and men. It is a young company inspired by the Portuguese culture and traditions that encourages entrepreneurship, creativity, fosters curiosity and audacity in order to promote the creation of different and unique pieces.

Enamorata creates its collections Enamorata® thinking about independent people, lovers of life, urban style and custom, who appreciate design, quality of materials and comfort, as well as versatility, all of this with the production quality "Made in Portugal".

"Elegant", "Practice", "Bold", "Single", "Comfortable", "Casual", "Versatile", with "Quality", "Innovative" "Creative" are adjectives we want to hear from our customers about our collections.


Being a Portuguese brand reference, diversifying markets and increasing awareness in the eyes of our customers, employees and partners. 


Ensuring customer satisfaction with creative solutions, innovative ideas and quality services that exceed their expectations, creating an identity through differentiation based on contemporization of the traditions  and Portuguese culture. We want to delight our customers with our uniqueness, our employees with excellence and our partners with trust and commitment.


Ethics, Creativity and continuous Innovation is our method of working;

Market Orientation to promote Customer's satisfaction and loyalty

Attention to details in our action;

Doing what we love and winning with what we do, with Passion, Audacity and Market knowledge.